My two workouts this week were both soccer games!

The first one was my usual outdoor drop in game. We had 3 people come out, so there was lots of running without being exhausted. We usually make a smaller field with pylons – trying to play on a full sized field with only 3 people per team would be horrible!

Saturday afternoon I went to my first indoor soccer game. The other ladies were really nice and talkative. They were more than willing to go over the different rules in indoor, and by the time we started playing I felt pretty confident I had the rules figured out.

It wasn’t until we started playing that I realized how different it was. The ball was bouncier that I was expecting, and it was very strange to play the ball off the gym walls. It makes you think about your strategy in a totally different way.

We took a few water breaks which was great, cause by the end of the hour I was sweating like crazy. Apparently the gym is notoriously warm, so not only was I hot from from running around, but also from the temperature in the gym.

While I only signed up as a drop in player for indoor soccer, I know I’ll be back lots to play. It’ll be good to keep up my soccer skills over the winter, so by the time outdoor starts up again I won’t be starting from scratch again.

What was your sweatiest workout this week?

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