Garden September 5 2013 (1)

I think everything is looking pretty good in the garden right now except for the peas. It’s been pretty hot and dry the last little while (I’ve had to water everyday). I think the heat has gotten to the peas. At least I got quite a few peas from them this year.

Garden September 5 2013 (2)

While I like the taste of the romaine lettuce better than this lettuce, I think this one is so much more prettier. I love how speckled it is.

Garden September 5 2013 (3)

There were three more red tomatoes on this vine, but they got eaten while I was watering earlier, so they didn’t make it into the photo. They were absolutely delicious in case you were wondering.

Garden September 5 2013 (4)

This will be my third zucchini. Two days ago it wasn’t near this size. The last zucchini I picked is still waiting to be made into zucchini bread. Hopefully that will happen this weekend.

Garden Update

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