I only managed to get in two workouts this week. I’m aiming for three this week though.

Tuesday night I played soccer. We only had 5 people show up, so we played 2 on 3, rotating through the teams so no one was stuck on the 2 person team. Because so few people showed up there was a LOT of running. Way more than usual. I was absolutely exhausted by the time we were done.

Yoga September 1 2013

While I’ve done yoga quite a few times on my own, I haven’t been to an actual class since December. A co-worker told me about a class at one of the places she teaches. Since I’ve been so stressed lately and it was free (they accept optional donations for the food bank), I decided to go. It felt amazing! While there was still a lot of tension in my shoulders afterward, it was definitely better than before. It felt so good to focus on stretching and relaxing. I’m thinking this might become a weekly thing.

What’s the last workout you did that felt really good?

Weekly Workouts