Strawberry lemonade Smoothie August 26 2013

Monday afternoon I needed a little something, so I ended up at Second Cup with a strawberry lemonade smoothie. It was really good – better than I was expecting.

Soccer August 30 2013

I scored my first goal at soccer on Tuesday! I was really looking forward to playing cause I’ve been stressed out lately and when I’m playing soccer all I think about is soccer. Since it’s drop in we only had 5 people come out, so we played 2 on 3 with no goalies. But I still scored, so it kind of counts, right?

Corona August 30 2013 (1)

By the time I got home I was tired and thirsty, so I thought I’d enjoy a Corona to celebrate my goal. Let me tell you, that was one delicious beer. Apparently it tastes infinitely better after playing soccer.

Vietnamese Stir Fry August 30 2013

I had a craving for Vietnamese food on Wednesday. After work I went to my favourite Vietnamese restaurant and got a beef and veggie stir fry.

Chemistry Cat August 30 2013


I’ve been spending at least a couple hours every day working on my chemistry class. It’s amazing how fast time goes by when I’m working away. Every time I check the clock another 30 or 45 minutes has gone by.

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