Garden August 22 2013 (1)

Apparently I need to take photos of the garden in the afternoon when it’s not so shady. Despite the back half of the garden being in the shade, things are in full swing right now.

Garden August 22 2013 (2)

The romaine lettuce has been delicious. It’s a million times better freshly picked from the garden than from the grocery store.

Garden August 22 2013 (3)

I think a few of the carrots will be ready soon. I’m not very good at judging when they’re ready. If you pick them too soon they’re not big enough, too late and they get tough and woody.

Garden August 22 2013 (4)

The celery is way bigger than I ever thought it would get. I’m going to have to remember to leave extra room for it next year.

Garden August 22 2013

I’ve picked a couple of tomatoes already and they were so good, really sweet and juicy. There’s a couple ripening right now, and plenty of green ones for later on. The hardest part is waiting for them to turn red.

Garden August 22 2013 (9)

The beans have finally started growing. I was beginning to doubt that I would get any this year because they took so long to germinate, but since they started flowering they’ve been growing pretty quick.

Garden August 22 2013 (10)

I’ve eaten lots of peas already. It’s sometimes tough finding the ripe ones because there’s so many leaves.

Garden August 22 2013 (11)

This zucchini is just about ready to be picked. I’ve had it suggested to me more than once that I should make zucchini bread with it.

Garden August 22 2013 (12)

The zucchini plant is really big. I don’t remember it being this big last year.

Do you have a garden? What’s your favourite flower or veggie in it?

Growing Garden

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