1. This has been a long, draining, and sad week. It’s amazing how much being emotional takes out of you. Luckily things should be getting better over the next few days. The next couple weeks are going to be tough, but they should be better than right now.

Cape July 19 2013

2. I made a cape for a friend’s son who’s turning 2 next month. I’m hoping it fits – it might be a little long. Little boys can’t resist capes, right? My brother had a cape when he was little. I remember him wearing it everywhere.

3. The last couple days have been beautiful weather-wise. It’s hard to believe that in 6 months it’ll be cold and snowy.

4. I’ve officially been sucked into Big Brother AGAIN this summer. Ugh. It’s so bad, but at the same time I can’t resist it. I would be such a horrible player (I have absolutely no poker face whatsoever). Being in a house all summer long with the same group of people would drive me crazy too.

5. Yesterday morning I did yoga. It wasn’t very long, only 30 minutes, but it’s amazing how good I feel when I’m done. Not only does it relax my tense shoulders (hello stress), but it also makes me focus on what I’m doing right then in the moment instead of all the other things that are usually floating around in my head. I definitely needed it this morning.

6. The other night I went out to eat and I ordered a pecan apple salad. There was also goat cheese on it. It was amazingly delicious with a balsamic vinaigrette. I think I might have to order it again the next time I go back to that restaurant.

7. I hope you have a great weekend!

Do you have a guilty pleasure reality show you watch?

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