Proud Selfie Fiona July 18 2013

See that happy face? That’s my “hey look what I did, I’m so proud of myself” look!

My eating has been pretty good lately. I’ve been eating lots of healthy things, and once in awhile some not so healthy things. Life is going to happen though, and for the most part I’m making good decisions for myself. Overall I’m really happy with how I’m doing right now. It’s a good balance. Balance being the key for making this sustainable.

The one big thing that I think has made a huge difference in what and how I’m eating is writing down every thing I eat. Seeing my intake for the day in black and white makes it so obvious when I’m doing things right and when I need to make changes. If you’ve never tried logging your food before I’d definitely recommend it.

My workouts have been pretty consistent lately too. Sometimes things won’t always go according to plan and I’ll have to rearrange a specific workouts to another day, but I don’t let hiccups get in the way of making sure that I get in all my workouts for the week. It’s definitely been easier getting up early to get my workouts in the last couple weeks. I haven’t been sleeping much better, but I must be looking forward to getting my workout started.

Since things have been going so well lately I think this is going to be my last “getting back on track” update. I’ve been posting these cause I needed to be accountable. Now that I’m back in the groove of making healthy decisions, I don’t think I need that accountability anymore.

Last Getting Back on Track Update