The boyfriend and I had a pretty laid back date on Friday night. We had Chinese good, played a little Frisbee, and then watched The Great and Powerful Oz. It wasn’t bad, but neither of us were really into the movie.

The Last Straw Lunch July 13 2014 (1)

Saturday I went out for lunch with the parents. My dad got sliders on pretzel buns. He and my brother LOVE the soft pretzels I sometimes make, so when he saw these on the menu, he knew he had to order them. He said they were really good.

Weekend in Review July 15 2013

I stopped off at the bookstore Saturday night, and for some reason I wasn’t surprised to find Snooki and Jwow’s books on the bargain table for just $2. As much fun as I had watching both of them on Jersey Shore, I don’t think I’d ever read their books.

Boogie's Burgers July 14 2013 (2)

Sunday was church followed by a delicious lunch at Boogie’s Burgers. Before I had ever eaten here I had a friend tell me she had gotten a burger and was weirded out by the place. It’s definitely not a chain restaurant, and it has a style all it’s own, but after I kind of like it there.

Boogie's Burgers July 14 2013 (1)

I ordered chicken with teriyaki and grilled pineapples. It was amazingly delicious. And very messy, but sometimes you have to deal with sticky fingers to get to the amazingness. While it wasn’t packed, it was still quite busy, though that’s to be expected on a Sunday afternoon.

Peter's July 14 2013

Afterwards we headed to Peter’s Drive-In for milkshakes. I went with an Oreo one, and boy was it tasty. It was really thick at first – I could hardly suck it up the straw. Once it started to melt a little it was a lot easier to drink.

Riley Park July 14 2013

We weren’t ready to head home yet, so we went for a little walk in Riley Park. It’s a beautiful park with quite a few beautiful flowerbeds as well as lots of grass to spread out a blanket and take in the sun. Being the plant person that I am, I took some photos.

What was your favourite meal over the weekend?

Weekend in Review

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  • July 15, 2013 at 6:48 pm

    So… funny story, but I thought that when you said that your dad ordered something you were talking about the books. Lol. I always find it depressing to see books in the bargain bin :( It’s like all of the hard work that was put into them has been reduced to a few dollars. But, better for me and my empty pockets I guess! :)

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