Veggie Dumplings July 6 2013

Veggie dumplings to go with sushi. Seriously one of the best combinations ever.

Tarp Hail Garden July 6 2013 (3)

There was the threat of a severe thunderstorm earlier in the week. Just before the hail started we got the garden covered up to protect it. That white stuff on the tarp is the hail.

Hail Selfie July 6 2013 (2)

I was pretty wet by the time the garden was covered. What I’ll do for my veggies!

Barbequed Hot Dogs July 7 2013

The first barbequed hot dogs of the summer.

Lime Rice Chips July 7 2013

Lime flavoured rice chips – utterly delicious.

The Favored Child July 8 2013

I finally finished my book. I ended up reading the last 200 pages in  two days.

Frozen Yogurt July 8 2013

Cheesecake and cookies and cream frozen yogurt with pineapple, chocolate bar crumbs, sprinkles, and chocolate covered marshmallows.

Bike July 9 2013

I decided to ride my bike to and from soccer on Tuesday. It’s not very far – only a 5 minute ride. I barely had enough energy to ride home after the game. I knew when I started biking home it was going to be close – but I managed to make it. My legs were done!

Golf Ball Physio July 10 2013

I’ve been trying really hard lately to be consistent with my physio stretching and exercising. I’m supposed to roll a golf ball along the arch of each foot for 10 minutes. It always starts out feeling pretty sore, but by the time I’m done they feel so good.

Have you had any crazy weather where you are this summer?

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