Over the weekend I went for a walk in Baker Park. It was the perfect day for a walk.

Baker Park July 11 2013 (2)

Even though it was nice out there weren’t a ton of people on the paths. There’s a disc golf course in the park, and I saw quite a few people playing that, but there weren’t as many walking.

Baker Park July 11 2013 (3)

Unfortunately our walk didn’t last long before we had to find another direction to go in.

Baker Park July 11 2013 (6)

The Bow River is still fairly high and murky from all the sentiment.

Baker Park July 11 2013 (7)

There’s all sorts of paths to explore. Although Baker Park isn’t all that big, it does connect to Bowmont Park to the east and Bowness Park on the other side of the river (the pedestrian bridge was closed due to the flood).

Baker Park July 11 2013 (8)

There used to be an old TB sanatorium on what is now Baker Park. It was torn down when it wasn’t needed anymore and turned into a park. There’s lots of paths that lead into nowhere – reminders of what used to be there.

Baker Park

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  • July 12, 2013 at 11:12 am

    We’ve had a lot of flooding recently too. Thankfully right now I’ve been in the city so the roads aren’t too bad, but back home in the country I think a few roads have been closed.

    Baker Park looks like a great place to take a walk. Awesome pictures!

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