Garden July 8 2013 (1)

It was raining earlier, so I managed to sneak out after it had stopped to take some photos. I think the plants would be bigger if they’d had more sun and heat. It seems like we get a few days of rain and then one or two days of sun.

Garden July 8 2013 (2)

The seeds are slowly but surely coming along, though I think it’ll be at least a few more weeks before we’ll be able to eat anything. I think the lettuce (I have leaf, romaine, and spinach growing) or the radishes will be the first things I’ll be able to eat.

Garden July 8 2013 (11)

I found two tomatoes growing! They’re still very small and green, but they’re there! All the tomato plants will produce cherry tomatoes, so at least they don’t have to get really big.

Garden July 8 2013 (4)

Each cucumber plant has at least one cucumber on it. I’m so impatient to try one. Last year I didn’t get to eat any cucumbers from the garden because a hailstorm destroyed the cucumber plants.

Garden July 8 2013 (5)

The beans are really starting to take off now.

Garden July 8 2013 (6)

The peas are the only things that seem to be growing “fast”. I can definitely see a difference their size every few days.

Garden July 8 2013 (7)

The celery is doing pretty good – it must like wet weather.

Garden July 8 2013 (8)

The one zucchini plant is doing fairly well. I only have one this year though cause none of the other zucchini seeds germinated.

Garden July 8 2013 (9)

The pepper plant still doesn’t have any flowers. It’s my first time trying to grow pepper, so I hope it starts flowering sooner rather than later.

Garden July 8 2013 (10)

The squash are still pretty tiny, though it is nice to see them coming. I sure hope there’s enough time for them to produce a few squash before the frost sets in.

The (Very Wet) Garden