Since deciding to re-dedicate myself to eating right and working out consistently almost a month ago, I’ve seen a big difference in myself. This week I’m down another pound. I know 1 pound isn’t a huge number, but I want to do this right. I’m hoping that I’ll never see that pound again.

Hummus July 4 2013

My eating has been awesome lately. It seems like the more I eat well, the more I want to. Do I crave a chocolate bar or a hamburger once in awhile? Definitely. But I’m also craving lots of good stuff too. Right now I think hummus and pineapple are my favourites (though not together, that would be a not-so-delicious combination).

Writing down everything I eat has been such a good thing for me. It makes me stop and think about everything that I put into my mouth. If I know I have to be accountable for it, I make sure it’s something my body needs.

Working out hasn’t been quite as great, but it’s been okay. I skipped my workout on Wednesday morning cause it was really, really hot out. I’m talking “sweating while sitting in front of the fan” hot. I didn’t sleep well the night before and I just didn’t feel like working out in that kind of heat. That doesn’t mean that I can’t make the workout up on the weekend though.

Back on Track update