Try to achieve your goals July 2 2013


Here’s what I wanted to accomplish in June:

Workout 3 times a week. This definitely didn’t happen consistently throughout June. Some weeks were better than others, but I really wanted to work on my consistency. Once I’m in the habit of working out every other day it’s easier, but getting to that point can be tough for me sometimes.

Eat better when eating out. It’s easy for me to use eating out as an excuse to not make good choices. Really I know I should be even more careful when I’m at a restaurant cause I’m not the one making the food. I was able to make some awesome choices this month though. I made a conscious decision to get water every single time. While I don’t drink pop, I sometimes get a beer or cocktail with my meal. Water was my best friend at restaurants in June. If I had a choice of sides I also tried to go with healthier ones (salads or veggies) instead of not to great ones (fries). All in all I think I was pretty successful.

Here’s what I want to do in July:

Workout 3 times a week. Since I didn’t quite get it done last month, I want to make sure I accomplish it in July. It comes down to making sure I go to get at a reasonable time the night before so I have enough sleep to workout first thing in the morning, and sticking to my schedule of workouts. It’s so much easier for me to get a workout started if I don’t have to decide in the moment what to do. If I have something planned and ready to go it’s much easier.

Earlier Bedtimes. I’m usually a morning person, so I go to bed early and get up early. The last couple weeks though, that hasn’t been the case. I haven’t been sleeping well because of stress, and I’ve let that turn into staying up later than I know I should. I think getting back on my usual schedule will help with getting a good night’s sleep. I’m planning on being in bed with the light out by 10 during the week.

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What goals are you working on for July? Share a favourite post from your blog in the comments.

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