Soccer June 28 2013

Tuesday night was my last “official” soccer game of the season, though I still have a summer’s worth of pick-up games once a week. I knew I was only going to be able to play half a game on Tuesday because of the plantar fasciitis in my feet, so I ended up playing mid and striker the first half and volunteered to play keeper for the second. Since playing goalie means hardly any running, I thought it would be a good compromise, and it worked out pretty well.

Thursday I went for a walk in Bowmont. Because of the flooding we had recently, I’m sure lots of the park along the river and the flood plains were changed dramatically. Since the water is still high and I doubt city crews have had time to fix any of it yet (there are still homes without power/utilities and LOTS of clean up to do still so people can get back into their homes), it’s totally understandable. So I decided to avoid the river all together and go to the parts of Bowmont that were higher up. It was still a pretty walk, and I managed to keep most of the mosquitoes away with lots of bug spray. I went mid-afternoon so the sun was at it’s hottest and I was sweating by the time I got to the car.

What was your favourite workout of this week?

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