Garden June 24 2013 (1)

We’ve had a ton of rain lately, so at the moment the garden is really really wet. Too wet. We need a couple days of sunny weather to dry the soil out and I think the plants will be a lot happier.

Garden June 24 2013

All the seeds I planted have sprouted. The ones that have taken the longest are the onions, leeks, and squash.

Garden June 24 2013 (4)

Some of the tomato plants are starting to get spots on their leaves, which isn’t good. I’m thinking it’s because they’ve gotten too wet. I’m hoping for the best, but it doesn’t look good.

Garden June 24 2013 (8)

The celery looks pretty happy.

Garden June 24 2013 (7)

I spotted a baby cucumber! It’s going to be awhile still before it’s big enough to eat.

Garden June 24 2013 (12)

While the pink paintbrush aren’t in the garden, I saw them blooming in the backyard and thought I’d share them with you. We got them a couple years ago, and since then they’ve grown into a nice sized bunch.

Garden Update

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    • June 26, 2013 at 8:00 pm

      The forecast has lots of sun in it, so I’m thinking the garden will be back to normal in a couple days.

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