Bowmont June 17 2013

My weekend started off on Friday evening with a walk in Bowmont with a friend. Unfortunately it was pretty muddy, so by the time I got home I had mud all over my shoes, socks, and legs. I ditched the shoes and socks, cleaned up, and headed out for the boyfriend’s place.

We watched Hansel and Gretel together. While I wasn’t all that impressed with it, the boyfriend said he liked it.

Clue Jr June 17 2013

Saturday night I had a babysitting gig. I thought the girls would be old enough to play Clue Junior which I brought with me, but I learned it’s really tough when they can’t read very well or not at all. We ended up making our own game to play with the board and pieces, so it turned out alright.

On Sunday we celebrated Father’s Day. My dad requested breaded veal and peas for dinner. It’s one of his favourite meals. He said he also asked for a banana split for dessert, so we got ice cream, bananas, whipped cream, and cherries.

Walks, Games, and Banana Splits

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