One on One Training with Jackie DVD June 15 2013

I started off the week with an upper body workout from One on One Training with Jackie. My arms were toast by the time I was finished!

Bowmont June 15 2013

Tuesday afternoon I headed out for a walk to Bowmont (post here). It was pretty nice when I started, but on my way back the clouds started getting darker, so I decided to leave earlier than I was hoping to. I didn’t want to get stuck in the rain a 30 minute walk from the car. I ended up going about 3 km in 38 minutes.

Muddy Shoes From Bowmont June 15 2013

Friday night I went for another walk in Bowmont with a friend and her two dogs. Luckily we managed to sneak the walk in after it stopped raining and before it started again. The paved paths were pretty good, but the dirt ones were a lot muddier than I expected. I’m pretty sure we came out of that walk muddier than both the dogs.

What was your favourite workout this week?

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