Goals June 4 2013


How is it possible it’s already June? I was just telling my boss the other day that it felt like Christmas happened just a few weeks ago.

Here’s what I wanted to do in May:

Watch less TV. While I definitely think I did better at this than in April, I still could have done better. Overall I think I’m pretty happy when the amount of TV I watched. Most of it was intentional instead of being bored or just filling in time.

Snack better. I had a tough time with snacking this month. I’ve been pretty stressed out the last little while, so I found it tough to make good choices. The good choices seem to be the ones that take more time and effort (shocking!), and I apparently wasn’t willing to do that, so I made some lots of not so good decisions.

Here’s what I want to do this month:

Workout 3 times a week. My working out hasn’t been all that consistent lately. One week I’ll only workout once, the next I’ll do it four times. I want to get to some middle ground where I’m doing something active every other day or every 2 days instead of bunching my workouts up into just a couple days.

Eat better when I’m eating out. I used to be really good at deciding to get relatively healthy things when eating out. I got so good at it in fact, that it was second nature to me. Over the last couple months though I’ve fallen out of that habit. It’s about time I started doing it again, so I’m going to commit to choosing a small over a large, one instead of two, and real food instead of processed when I’m eating away from home.

Do you have any goals for June?

June Goals