Friday was date night with the boyfriend. We went out for dinner and then we watched a movie. It was my first movie with Vin Diesel. He was surprised I hadn’t watched anything else with him in it.

Saturday morning I went for a walk with a friend and her kids. It was a gorgeous day after all the rain we’ve had lately, so it was great to be able to spend some time outside. There were two stops at parks along the way for the little ones, and lots of talking for me and my friend.


Saturday night I watched a horror movie called Apparition. It was your usual horror movie, scary parts, but overall not amazing by any means. I find it hard to turn down any horror movie.

Sunday morning the boyfriend and I went out for breakfast. We ended up having to go to two restaurants cause the first one was so slooooow seating people. By the time we ate we were hungry, and it was delicious, so we were happy.

The Canada v US women’s soccer game was on TV Sunday afternoon, so I was glued to the TV watching that. It was the first time these two teams played each other since the Olympics, so I knew there was going to be some awesome soccer. Unfortunately Canada lost, but they played a really good first half. I think they got outrun by the American team and were tired by the end of it and couldn’t keep up.

What was the last horror movie or sporting event you watched?

Vin Diesel, Horror Movies, and Soccer