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WIAW Breakfast May 29 2013

Breakfast consisted of cereal, an orange, a yogurt, and some water.

WIAW Lunch May 29 2013

I ended up stopping at the grocery store after work. I was pretty hungry, so I wanted something easy and quick to make. When I saw this Greek salad I knew that was what I wanted. When I got home I added some feta cheese (cause it’s just not a Greek salad without feta) and some salad dressing. It was utterly delicious.

WIAW Dinner May 29 2013

Dinner was at South Street Burger. I decided on a veggie burger on a whole wheat bun. I suggested sharing fries, but my dad loves their fries, so he wanted wasn’t interested in splitting them with me, so I got my own.

Where was the last place you ate out?

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