My workouts this week were definitely lacking. Between family stuff going on and not sleeping very well, I’ve had next to no motivation to workout when my alarm went off in the morning. I still managed to do a couple active things this week though.

Sunday morning I took Peppi for a walk. I was looking after her for the weekend. Lucky for her, there’s quite a few green spaces and parks close to my house, and every walk we went on was to a different place. She was definitely spoiled while she was with me.

Tuesday night I played keeper at soccer. It was great to try a new position, even if I was a little terrified.

Bowmont July 13 2010 008

Today I went for a walk in Bowmont with a friend. It was absolutely beautiful out after all the rain we had this week, although you had to pay attention to avoid the many puddles.

Did you do any workouts outside this week?

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