Granola Bar May 23 2013

1. Yesterday I was out running some errands when I came across some Kind Bars. I’d never seen them before, but when I saw that there was an almond and coconut flavour I knew I had to get one for my mom. She loves anything with coconut, and she’s had a tough week, so I thought a little surprise would cheer her up a bit.

2. At soccer on Tuesday I managed to skin the back of my knee. Yeah, the BACK of my knee. I have no idea how I managed to do that. Plus I did it all while playing goalie. Even stranger as I wasn’t in the middle of things.

3. It’s been a very overcast, wet few days. I love rain though, so I’m enjoying it. Some of my favourite walks in Bowmont have been on rainy days, when everything looks a little different. Once we get a day or two of sunshine all the plants are going to look amazing after all the moisture.

Homemade Pizza May 24 2013

4. I made some homemade pizza for lunch today. It was absolutely delicious. As tasty as take out pizza is, there’s nothing better than a pizza made at home with exactly the right ratio of ingredients.

5. Tonight I’m headed to Chinatown with the boyfriend for date night. I’m looking forward to some tasty food. I haven’t been to Chinatown since the Chinese New Year, so it’s definitely been awhile.

Have any of you tried Kind Bars before? Do you like rainy days?

A Skinned Knee, Rain, and Pizza