Soccer May 22 2013

Tuesday night I decided to volunteer to play goalie. Since none of the teams in our league have dedicated goalies, everyone has to play the equivalent of one game as keeper. Usually we split it up into halves or quarters, but last night I played the whole game in net.

For the first ten or fifteen minutes I was pretty nervous, but I managed to relax a little as the game went on. I kept trying to tell myself that I would do my absolute best to keep the other team from scoring, but if they did it wouldn’t be the end of the world. By the time the first half was over I’d made a couple saves and the other team hadn’t scored.

Unfortunately the second half didn’t stay scoreless. The first goal that went in was a quick kick that I wasn’t fast enough to get to. The second goal was tough to see coming cause there were so many people standing in between me and the ball.

I also managed to make some pretty awesome saves too though. With just a minute or two left in the game one of the opposing strikers kicked the ball straight at the net – it was  a great shot. The ball was coming hard and fast at me, but I managed to get my hand up in time and kept it from going in.

After the game I got quite a few compliments from my teammates. Apparently I didn’t look as nervous as I felt. I’m even starting to figure out some of the goalkeeping rules, which is kind of nice. Even though I wasn’t looking forward to playing keeper, it ended up turning out pretty good.

Playing Keeper

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