Dear stress lets break up May 21 2013


Today has been one of those days where nothing seems to go smoothly. It’s been a long and stressful day that I’m more than happy to have over and done with sooner rather than later.

On the bright side I have a soccer game tonight. I’ve been patiently trying to get my feet feeling better, and I was planning to play half of tonight’s game. I’m glad my feet are cooperating. because it’s come just in time.

Whenever I get out on the soccer field the only thing I think about is chasing down the ball. The things I’ve been worrying about all day are left on the sideline. I get all the nervous energy out, and by the time the game is over I’m exhausted. It’s a great stress reliever to say the least.

None of my teammates know much about me, so none of them ask questions about stuff. It’s great to have the support of my friends, but sometimes it’s nice to not answer questions about “how are things going?” At games I’m just a part of the team and it’s nice to be able to blend in.

I’m definitely looking forward to tonight’s game.

What do you do as a stress reliever?

I also like going to a park and just walking. It gives me time and space to think things through.

De-stressing With Soccer