This weekend was a lot of fun, but also pretty exhausting. I worked, but I was able to fit in some fun stuff too.

Peter's May 18 2013

Friday night the boyfriend and I headed to a pub we’d never been to before. I bought a Living Social deal for it last month, so I thought it was about time we used it. Afterwards we stopped at Peter’s for a milkshake. They’re known for their milkshakes, and you can combine up to three flavours.

Saturday was spent mainly working. I’m definitely looking forward to having a day or two off this week.

Sunday I went to see the new Star Trek movie. I actually liked this one better than the first, so that was a nice surprise.

Monday afternoon I went for a walk with a friend. It was beautiful out – sunny and warm, even though there was rain in the forecast the day before. By the time we got back to the cars the dogs were definitely tired and ready for some water and a nap.

Peppi May 20 2013 (2)

Speaking of dogs, I was looking after this beautiful girl this weekend. Isn’t she gorgeous? And so well behaved. Her owner was stressing that she wouldn’t behave herself, but she’s been awesome.

What was the tastiest thing you ate this weekend?

Probably the milkshake. I got caramel and Oreo. Surprisingly those two flavours are really good together.

Milkshakes, Movies, and Dogs

One thought on “Milkshakes, Movies, and Dogs

  • May 21, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    What a sweet picture! I love it when dogs lay like that. :-)

    Hmm the tastiest thing I ate this weekend…well, I crushed up a GF ice cream cone and sprinkled that and white chocolate chips over a bowl of strawberry Greek yogurt! That was pretty darn good!

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