Tuesday night I played half a game of soccer. My feet have been getting worse since I started soccer again, so I thought I’d cut back a bit and see if they get better. I’m hoping they do!

Bowmont Walk Collage May 12 2013

Wednesday I went on this walk. It was a gorgeous day and I’m glad I took advantage of it. It was perfect walking weather – there was a breeze and the sun was out. I ended up walking about 4.5 kms.

Animal at Confederation Park May 10 2013

Friday afternoon I went for another walk, this time at Confederation Park. I stopped at a bench to sit and enjoy the view of the water when I saw something swimming around. It didn’t look like a bird (there’s lots of ducks there) or a fish. He swam over closer to where I was sitting and got a better look at him and managed to get a photo. Does anyone have any ideas about what he is?

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