I meant to write this post yesterday after work, but yesterday ended up being a non-stop day. I was on the go since I left for work and didn’t stop until I got into bed. So here’s my Fun Facts Friday post on a Saturday.

Sushi May 4 2013

1. I’ve eaten sushi more than once this week. I’m not even tired of it yet.

2. Speaking of food, I’ve had Japanese, Chinese, Mexican, and Vietnamese food in the span of a week. Apparently I like a lot of variety. Except when it comes to sushi.

3. I’m looking forward to a walk with a friend this afternoon.

4. I’m reading a really good book right now. It’s one of those books where I tell myself I’m going to put it down at the end of the chapter, but when I get there I can’t help myself and I keep reading.

5. I don’t own a cleat bag. I’ve been using plastic grocery bags for over a year, but on Thursday one blew away in the wind and I had to chase it down. I think I’m going to splurge on a cleat bag this weekend. If it saves me having to run after another bag after being exhausted after a soccer game, it’ll be worth it.

6. I’ve never had seasonal allergies. Or at least I hadn’t until this week. I thought I was getting a cold, but it turns out my body now hates spring. Has any one else developed seasonal allergies as an adult? I keep thinking it’s weird that it’s hit me all of a sudden, but maybe it’s not so strange?

7. Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. At the very least I’ll be celebrating with a Corona, but I’m hoping to head out to a Mexican restaurant. Are you doing anything Mexican tomorrow?

Fun Facts Saturday?