People with goals succeed May 2 2013


How has yet another month gone by? It’s amazing to think that it’s already May. Before I get to my goals for this month, here’s how I made out with April’s goals:

Workout 4 times a week. Success! I was really consistent with my workouts this month. I knew soccer was starting so I wanted to make sure I was as prepared for it as possible.

Watch less TV. Fail. I started out pretty good, but within a week I was watching random shows instead of doing something constructive. I don’t want TV to be a time waster for me, when I’m watching I want it to be because I actually want to see what ever I’m watching.

Here are my goals for May:

Watch less TV. I really want to spend less TV in front of the TV, so I’m going to try this one again.

Snack better. Lately I’ve been lazy and my snacking hasn’t been very good. I used to be really good about eating an apple or some crackers instead of cookies, but those good decisions haven’t been happening lately. During May I want to make healthy snacks a priority again over fast, easy sugary things.

Do you have any goals for May?

May 2013 Goals

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