WIAW May 1 2013

Thanks to Jenn for hosting.

WIAW Breakfast May 1 2013

Breakfast was some cereal, an orange, strawberry yogurt, and a glass of water. I don’t know why, but I think oranges taste best for breakfast. I eat them at other times, but somehow they just don’t taste as good.

WIAW Lunch May 1 2013

For lunch I had a couple spring rolls and dumplings. I found them at the grocery store and thought I’d try them. While they’re definitely not as good as having them in a restaurant, for an at home alternative, they’re not bad.

WIAW Dinner May 1 2013

I lucked out and found this amazing salad at the grocery store. It had dried cranberries and goat cheese (two of my favourite things), as well as sliced almonds, strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. It’s almost like this salad was made just for me. I had a yogurt and water with the salad.

What was in the best salad you’ve ever had?

What I Ate Wednesday