My weekend started with a sushi dinner from Kinjo. I wasn’t up for sitting in a busy restaurant, so we ordered takeout. As always, the food was delicious.

Saturday morning I spent with a friend (and one of her dogs) walking and talking. We did a big loop through three different parks and ended up walking just over 7 km or 4.5 m. It’s amazing the difference just a couple weeks makes. Not too long ago there were still big snowdrifts in the shade. It was nice and warm, although it was a little windy. I’d take windy over snowy any day though!

CD's April 29 2013

Saturday afternoon I decided to finally go through my CD’s and get rid of the ones I haven’t listened to lately, and put the rest that I wanted to keep in something smaller so they’d take up less room. It was actually kind of fun going through them, looking at music that I haven’t listened to since high school.

Sunday morning was spend at church, then I went out for lunch with my dad to my favourite Vietnamese restaurant. We started with some dumplings and I ordered a chicken and veggie stir fry over steamed noodles. I don’t know what it is they do with those noodles, but they’re always so good!

I loved last night’s episode of Mad Men. As if there wasn’t enough to love about that show with the amazing characters, costumes, dialogue, it’s cool to see how they portray historical events. The hug that Joan gave Dawn was so awkward!

Wideacre Phillipa Gregory April 29 2013

I spend a good chunk of the weekend reading. I started a new book on Thursday, and I’ve had a hard time putting it down. I was immediately drawn into it.

Now that you know what I did on my not-so-exciting weekend, tell me something fun that you did.

Weekend in Review