One on One Training with Jackie DVD April 27 2013

Monday morning I started off the week with an upper body workout from the One on One Training with Jackie DVD. I think this is one of my favourite workouts even though my arms start burning about halfway in.

Tuesday night was my first soccer game of the season. As excited as I was to be playing again and seeing my teammates for the first time since August, it was a tough game. I forgot how much running there is. It’ll definitely be at least a couple more weeks until I feel comfortable out there on the field.

Thursday night was our second game. Since we play every position, I played quite a bit of the second half as defense, which was less running. It was kind of nice to end the game not feeling like I was going to die. Feeling so exhausted after games was a good wake up call for me – I definitely need to include more cardio into my workouts.

Today I went for a walk with a friend. We ended up walking through a couple parks and covered about 2 km. It was warm and sunny out, though the wind was pretty strong. I’m excited to finally go for walks where I don’t see any snow.

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