Pub Coupon April 12 2013

This week I got a Living Social email about a British pub coupon. British pubs remind me of my last trip to Europe, so I’m always excited to try a new one. I’ve never been to Fiddlers Courtyard before, but I’ve driven past it lots, as I have a friend who lives a couple blocks away.

I’m more than ready for spring. We had snow yesterday, and we’re supposed to be getting more tomorrow and Sunday. On the other hand, soccer starts in a week and a half, and if it’s going to snow I’d rather it happen before soccer starts than after. I don’t think it snowed last year during a game, but I was told they’d played in snow in previous years.

Luxe Books April 12 2013

I bought The Luxe, the first book in this series at a thrift store and absolutely loved it. To sum it up, it’s Gossip Girl from a century ago. Seeing as how Gossip Girl was one of my guilty pleasures, it’s no surprise that I liked The Luxe. I’ve been on the hunt for the three other books in the series, and I finally found them yesterday at the used book store. My patience finally paid off! I’m pretty sure I’ll have these three books read pretty quick.

I had a conversation with a friend this week about shopping at the mall. I don’t like browsing. Going to the mall for a couple hours to look isn’t fun for me. At all. If I’m going there, I have to know exactly what I want and where I’m most likely to find it. Having to look in more than a couple stores drives me crazy.

What’s the last Social Living/Groupon coupon you bought? Does it feel like spring where you are? Have any exciting plans for the weekend?

Pubs, Soccer, and Books