Here are some of the highlights of my weekend:

Fortune Cookie April 8 2013

Fortune cookies – this one is from Friday night. Up until last year I never knew what those numbers were. Then someone told me that they’re my lucky numbers. Apparently I’m one of the last people to know that.

Mansfield Park April 7 2013

I spent a good chunk of Saturday curled up under a blanket with this book. How have I not read this book until now? It’s so good! I have a feeling when I’m done I’ll want to watch a movie version of it. I know a few years ago PBS made all six of Jane Austen’s books into movies, so maybe I’ll track that one down.

My dad makes the most amazing meatballs. We’re talking world class, mouth watering, better than the pasta meatballs here. The whole house smells fantastic when they’re cooking. They taste exactly how my grandma used to make them. They’re a lot of work to make, so needless to say that don’t get made very often. But they were made over the weekend and they were delicious. I probably ate one too many, but I couldn’t help myself.

Mad Men April 7 2013


The season premiere of Mad Men – which I’m expecting to be awesome (I’m writing this post Sunday before I watch it). I’ve been missing the clothes, the drinking, and the drama. So much happened last season, I’m excited to see what this season brings.

Do you have a favourite Jane Austen movie adaptation? If you watched Mad Men last night, what did you think? 

Fortunes, Meatballs, and Mad Men