Thursday when I was done work around lunch time I went out for lunch at my favourite Vietnamese place. There were spring rolls, fried wontons, and dumplings involved. All amazingly delicious but not so good for me.

Car Wash March 29 2013 (1)

After lunch I ended up at the car wash cause the car was pretty dirty. I can’t be the only one who still gets excited about the car wash like a five year old, right?

Friday night I was invited to a friend’s place for homemade pizza. I brought over some Corona to share, cause really if you’re going to be eating some good pizza, you might as well wash it down with some beer. The first pizza was barbecued chicken, and the second was pepperoni and onions. While I like both of them, the pepperoni pizza was definitely my favourite.

Fake Cheesecake March 31 2013

Saturday afternoon I made a “fake cheesecake” for Easter dinner Sunday. There’s no cream cheese and you don’t have to bake it. It’s definitely not a real cheesecake, but for putting in a minimal effort, it’s pretty tasty.

Once the cheesecake was done I went for a walk. It was beautiful out – there were lots of other people and dogs taking advantage of the nice weather.

Easter 2013 March 31 2013 (1)

Sunday was all about Easter. I went to church in the morning, and had an Easter dinner with the family in the afternoon. There also might have been a little chocolate eaten. Cause it’s not Easter until you eat a chocolate egg or chocolate bunny, right?

Easter Weekend in Review