Today is the first day of spring! I can’t convey how excited I am about that. This winter has felt very cold, snowy, and long. I can’t wait for warm, sunny days!

WIAW March 2013


WIAW Breakfast March 20 2013

For breakfast I had some cereal, yogurt, an orange, and water. I never buy fat free yogurt – it doesn’t taste like anything to me.

WIAW Lunch March 20 2013

Lunch was a ham sandwich on a multi grain ciabatta bun with swiss cheese and mustard, a spinach salad with feta cheese and dressing, and a Granny Smith apple. I love how tart and crunchy Granny Smith apples are. I also had a glass of water.

WIAW Dinner March 20 2013

For dinner I had a chicken and veggie stir fry with sweet and sour sauce. I could probably eat stir fries a couple times a week and not get bored.  Underneath the stir fry is rice, though it’s hard to see in the photo. I had water to drink.

What I Ate Wednesday