1. We’ve gotten way too much snow in the last week. Like 30+ cm of the stuff. I’m sooooo ready for spring!

2. It’s Friday! is it just me or has this week seemed really long to anyone else?


3. Last week I mentioned something about Footloose to the boyfriend. He laughed and said it had been a long time since he’d seen it. Little does he know I own it, and it might make an appearance during tonight’s date. How can you not love Kevin Bacon dancing out his teenaged angst in a warehouse?

4. I only have another month and a half until I start playing soccer again. I CAN’T WAIT!

5. I’ve been having some really strange dreams lately – everything from aliens on baseball diamonds to racing through cruise ships to save people. What’s going on in my head when I’m asleep?

6. I’ve been listening to an awesome podcast this week at work. I think I’ll be a little sad when I finish the last one.

7. I think I’ve now become an expert at playing tea party. I have a very good teacher in a friend’s three year old daughter.

8. Are you doing anything exciting this weekend? Tell me about it.

Snow, Footloose, and Dreams.