30 Day Shred DVD

Monday morning started with a 30 Day Shred workout. Up until the night before I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but I eventually decided on the 30 Day Shred. I figured if I couldn’t decide on one body part, I might as well do a little bit of everything.

One on One Training with Jackie DVD

Wednesday morning’s workout was tough – my shoulders were definitely feeling it. I did the 20 minute upper body workout from One on One Training with Jackie. It was a combination of strength training and cardio. Even though it was relatively short, I was definitely tired by the end of the 20 minutes.

Apparently Jackie Warner is some sort of celebrity trainer. Maybe it’s cause I’m from Canada, but I’ve never heard of her before. I ended up getting her DVD because I heard a few good reviews of it.

Friday’s workout was yoga. One of my hips had been feeling pretty tight the day before, so I thought I’d try to stretch it out a bit. It definitely helped. I was a little nervous cause it was my first time doing yoga on my own without a class or a DVD. It was actually pretty nice to be able to do whatever I wanted.

What was your favourite workout last week?

My Workouts This Week