Flames Game February 11 2013 (1)

1. I went to a Flames game earlier in the week. We didn’t win, BUT the boyfriend managed to get us amazing seats, plus it was my first time seeing the Flames play in OT in person. All in all it was a pretty fun night.

2. The Flames then went on to have an amazing night on Wednesday against Dallas. They ended up winning 7 – 4 over Dallas, and Cammalleri even got a hat trick. Woohoo!

3. The other night I had a dream I was Harry Potter. I was fighting Lord Voldemort. With a roll of tape. Weird and random, but I think it was one of the best dreams I’ve ever had.

4. I didn’t do anything for Valentine’s Day yesterday. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, it seems like a lot of pressure and high expectations either way. I’d much rather do something nice for my boyfriend cause I want to, not cause I have to.

Valentine's Day Candy February 14 2013

5. I did however got a box of chocolates from my brother. He’s pretty awesome.

6. I got asked for my number on Monday. I would never be able to do that – I’m so bad at making small talk and I doubt I would have the guts to risk getting shot down. Have you ever asked someone for their number?

7. That’s all I have this morning. Enjoy your weekend!

Hockey, Valentine’s Day, and Phone Numbers