1. Last night I got an awesome text. I got invited to the Flames/Oilers game tomorrow night. Whenever we play the Oilers it’s always an extra intense game cause the rivalry is so big. I’m pretty excited.

2. I have also going to see the Flames play the Avalanche on Thursday. That’s right, two games in under a week. I’m one pretty happy person right now.

Broken Dresser January 25 2013

3. This week my dresser fell apart. The middle shelf literally fell out in my hands. It had been having problems for awhile – I couldn’t open the bottom drawer unless I was very careful – so I guess I can’t complain. I knew it was coming.

Putting Together New Dresser January 25 2013

4. I ended up at Ikea to look for another one – which I found for a pretty decent price. Wednesday night I bribed my brother to help me put it together. He thought I was weird for wanting to count all the little pieces to make sure we had them all before we started. Really though, what’s the point of building half of it if there’s pieces missing?

Running Room Magazine January 25 2013

5. I got some weekend reading in the mail the other day.

6. The boyfriend and I are going for sushi for date night tonight. I’ve been craving it for the last little while, so I’m looking forward to it.

7. Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend?

Hockey, Dressers, and Sushi