Christmas Cards December 21 2012

1. I may or may not have sent my Christmas cards out until this morning. I know they won’t get to their destinations in time, but I think they’ll get there by New Years. Better late than never, right?

2. I’m in a book rut. I finished an amazing book this week, and even though the book I’m reading right now is good, it’s not awesome like the last one was. Boo.

3. I’m going over to a friend’s place for tea this afternoon. I get to hang out with her AND her kids. They make me smile, so you can’t go wrong with that.

4. While the kids are around though, it makes it hard to have “adult” conversations. Her three year old is so smart. It’s amazing how much she picks up when you don’t think she’s listening.

5. We’re supposed to be getting more snow this weekend. I’ll forgive the weatherman because that means we’ll have some fresh white snow for Christmas, and not the grey dirty stuff that’s been around for awhile.

6. Stressing about things and not sleeping well isn’t fun. At all. Hopefully tonight I’ll be able to relax and sleep better. Too bad there isn’t a switch to turn off my brain when I go to bed.

7. I’m pretty sure my socks are disappearing. I’m not sure where they’re going, but I think they got mixed into someone else’s laundry, and they haven’t realized it yet. I hope they turn up soon.

8. Have a great weekend!

It’s Friday!