Fitness Christmas List

A couple weeks ago I got a magazine in the mail from my favourite running store. Although I’m not running much right now (or at all), I still enjoy looking through it.

Fitness Christmas List (1)

They had a section with ideas for gifts, which made me start thinking about my Christmas list this year. It’s kind of a running joke in our family that my brother and I both make very detailed Christmas lists – which usually includes the color, size, store to buy the item at, and the approximate price. I guess we like to make it easy for the people buying us gifts.

I ended up making my Christmas list that night, and I thought I’d share it with you.

Bike Stand


This stand essentially makes your bike into a stationary bike. That means I’ll be able to ride the bike I bought a couple months ago inside even when it’s cold, snowy, and horrible outside.


Ipod Nano


Although I have an ipod classic, I want a shuffle for walks and bike rides. In the summer when I’m wearing shorts I don’t have pockets, so being able to clip a shuffle on is perfect.

Dance Central 3


I got Dance Central 2 last year for my birthday, and I really like it. When I found out that Dance Central 3 was released a couple weeks ago, I knew I wanted to get it. Even if I don’t find it under the tree, I’ll probably end up buying it during the boxing week sales.

BBW Vanilla Bean Lotion


I might have a slight obsession with anything Vanilla Bean Noel flavoured from Bath and Body Works. Whenever I put it on it smells like I’m slathering vanilla cake on myself. Okay, that might not sound good, but it smells amazing!

What’s on your Christmas list?

Christmas List