Here’s what I’m planning on making for Christmas this year:

Chex Mix. There’s nothing better than a handful of Chex mix while taking a break from wrapping gifts. It hits the spot when I’m craving something salty.Check out the recipe here.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars. I’ve made these the last couple years, and they’re always popular. Find the recipe here.

Cranberry Poundcake November 15 2012

Cranberry Pound Cake. I modify this pound cake recipe from Martha Stewart to include cranberries instead of lemon. It’s always so good. The recipe is here.

Rum Balls. Seriously, it’s not Christmas is our house until the rum balls are made. We got this recipe 20 years ago from a family friend. They’re probably my brothers favourite thing I make for Christmas.

Caramel Corn. This is a fairly recent addition to my yearly Christmas baking, but last year it disappeared pretty quick, so I’m planning on making it again. Here’s the recipe.

Sugar Cookie Cutouts. Half the fun of these cookies is to decorate them once they’re baked. I feel like a kid again with the icing and sprinkles. This recipe is from my Martha Stewart’s Cookies book, though you can find a very similar recipe here.

Gingerbread Cookies. What’s Christmas without gingerbread cookies? They make the house smell so good while they’re baking. You really can’t go wrong with these cookies. Click here for the recipe.

Pecan Bars November 15 2012

Pecan Bars. My mom absolutely loves pecan pie. A couple years ago I discovered this recipe, which is essentially pecan pie in a bite sized bar. You get all the great taste in a much smaller serving. The recipe is here.

Is there anything you have to make every year for Christmas?

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