1. I just finished shovelling the driveway. It took me an hour. There was a lot of snow, even though I shovelled less than 24 hours ago. The snow is supposed to stop coming down by tomorrow. Not a moment too soon if you ask me. On the bright side my arms are definitely got a workout.

2. I started a really good book this week. I plan to get a bunch of reading done this weekend. One of the best things ever is looking forward to getting into a book that you can get totally lost in.

3. I’m looking forward to having a date night with the boyfriend. It’s been put off cause of the weather/bad road conditions, but it’s finally going to happen tonight. Woohoo!

4. I bought something online this week. It’s always exciting when you’re waiting for a package in the mail – even when you know what it is and it’s not a surprise.


5. I’m trying to figure out if I want to see the new James Bond movie. While I think Daniel Craig has the action part of the character down, I don’t see the smooth talking classy part of James Bond in him. Whenever I see him I’m not convinced that he’s James Bond material. However I’ve heard that the movie has been getting really good reviews. And the song Adele did for the movie is AMAZING.

6. I’m craving egg salad for some reason. I think I’ll end up making that for lunch today.

7. That’s all I’ve got. Enjoy your weekend!

Snowy Friday