I realized two things while I was at work today.

The first is that I have less than a week left in my 20’s. That’s absolutely terrifying! How did I suddenly become 30? I swear I was just turning 23. Being 30 makes me feel like I need to have everything figured out – but I’m still trying to wrap my head around that stuff.

Second, it’s November already. There’s only 46 days left til Christmas. The last few years I’ve done a little Christmas baking every week until Christmas and stash it in the freezer so that I’m not going crazy the last week or two before the big day trying to get everything done. I haven’t made anything yet. I’m feel behind already.

Christmas Baking November 8 2012

When I got home from work  I found this in the mail. I’ve since read it and marked the pages with recipes on them that I want to try. There’s a few recipes from previous editions of this magazine that I now make every year at Christmas. I’m hoping there’s one like that is in this issue.

What do you cook or bake every year at Christmas?