Earlier in the week I got an email about babysitting, so I spent Friday night playing restaurant and board games, and once the kids were in bed, reading.

The Luxe November 5 2012

Saturday I had to finish the book I was reading – it was too good to leave it. I needed to know what happened to the characters. I ended up finishing it in a couple hours, and even though the book is done, it’s the first in a trilogy, so now I want to read the other two books too.

Saturday night was date night with the boyfriend. It was pretty laid back. We ended up at a pub for dinner where I had a hamburger that I was craving. It was pretty good. Then we went back to his place and watched Ironman.

Sunday morning was all about getting stuff done like laundry, groceries, and filling the car with gas. It’s amazing how fast that stuff piles up.

Sunday afternoon I hung out with the boyfriend and some of his friends to play Risk. I thought I was competitive when I played that game, but they were pretty intense. I hadn’t played it in awhile, but it was still pretty fun. I had to leave before the game ended, but during my last turn I completely crushed, I mean, eliminated one of them, so they ended up taking over for me.

Sunday night I went to my yoga class. The class has a different feel to it, but I can’t pinpoint what it was that was different. Maybe I’m finally getting back into the yoga groove and I was able to relax more during class, I don’t know.

Did you do anything exciting over the weekend?

Weekend in Review