I know I say this every Monday, but where did my weekend go?

Friday night was a date night with the boyfriend. We went to our favourite Chinese buffet place for dinner, then it was back to his place to watch a scary movie. I bought a couple DVD’s over to pick from, and we decided on The Amityville Horror. Haha, I now know not to watch scary movies with him cause he likes to make fun of them too much.

The State of Africa

Saturday I spent doing laundry and reading. Exciting, huh? The good news is that I FINALLY finished a book I’d been reading since the summer. In my defense though, it was a non-fiction 700 page monster. If you’re looking for a book about the history of post-colonial Africa (I mean, who isn’t?), I’d definitely go with this one. Even though it was really good, it was still pretty big.

Sense and Sensability

I also finished reading Sense and Sensibility. I still like Pride and Prejudice better, though Sense and Sensibility was pretty good. I’ve already started my next book.

Sunday afternoon was spent at the movie theatre to see Cloud Atlas. I wasn’t sure I’d like it, but it was the boyfriend’s turn to pick a movie. I ended up liking it more than I thought I would. It took awhile for me to put things together because there were so many storylines, but the second half of the movie was pretty good.


I had free movie tickets so we ended up going to a theatre I’d never been to before. It was pretty fancy. When we got our tickets we got to reserve our seats. Then once we got inside the theatre and found our (leather) seats, I almost had a heart attack when I sat down. The seats reclined, but I didn’t know that when I sat down – I thought I was going flying.

After the movie we went to Sho, a sushi restaurant the boyfriend had been wanting to try. We both agreed that the gyoza was pretty awesome. My veggie roll was really good too – I loved the mango on top of it.

My yoga class was last night. It’s such a good way to end the weekend and get my head focused for the coming week. I’ve started to get a feel for the way the teacher plans her classes, so it’s kind of nice to know what’s in store for the hour and a half that I’m there. She changes it up a little every week, but I definitely know the poses that she likes to do every class.

What did you do exciting this weekend?

Weekend in Review