How does Monday morning always seems to sneak up on me so fast? Here’s what kept me busy over the weekend.


Friday the boyfriend and I went to see Sinister. I think Ethan Hawke is a great actor, plus I love scary movies, so I had mentioned wanting to see it. It wasn’t the scariest movie I’d ever seen, but there were definitely a couple parts that made me jump.

After the movie we went for dinner. The first restaurant we tried had a 30 minute wait, so we went over to Schank’s instead. We ended up deciding to split a chicken quesadilla and chicken fingers. The service wasn’t that great, but the food was tasty, and we didn’t have to wait half an hour to eat.

Saturday night I finally got to see Pride and Prejudice. It snowed earlier in the day, so I ended up wearing a different outfit than I had planned, but I still felt pretty cute in it.

The show was amazing! There were lots of funny parts, and the actor who played Mr. Collins was great. Of course my heart melted at the very end when Darcy and Elizabeth kissed. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

It made me realize how much I miss going to see live theatre. The same theatre is putting on a production of Anne of Green Gables in April. I might have to save up to go see that one next.

Sunday night I had my yoga class. I really wasn’t motivated to go, but I knew that once I got there I would be glad I went. Of course that’s what happened. I came home super relaxed – it felt so good.

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?

Weekend in Review