Candy Servings

I have a sweet tooth. A big sweet tooth. I don’t know what it is, but I need something sweet every day once in awhile. My usual suspects are Twizzlers, Nibs, Smarties, and Reese’s Pieces.

Whenever I end up buying some candy though, I find it really hard to not eat the whole bag. Yeah, I might be crazy, but once I start I can’t stop.

Candy Servings (1)

So I decided to try putting a “serving” in a bag of it’s own, hoping that it would help. And you know what? It totally did.

Once they’re in the bags it’s really easy to grab one and not have to worry about eating too much. I know exactly how much fat and calories are in each bag.

Usually it’s the sweetness that I’m craving, and I can get that from a quarter of the bag instead of the whole bag. I don’t feel nearly as guilty eating these as I could the whole bag.

Does anyone else divide up their snacks or sweets like this too?

Portioning Treats