Bowmont October 6 2012 (2)

Saturday my dad and I decided to take a walk in Bowmont. We wanted something a little different though, so we went to a different part of Bowmont (Bowmont runs through several neighbourhoods, and is pretty large).

Bowmont October 6 2012 (9)

I always think this pedestrian bridge is so cute. Whenever I go for walks with with my friend, her daughter always asks if we can go to the bridge. Apparently bridges are as much fun for 3 year olds as they are for 29 year olds.

Bowmont October 6 2012 (1)

The bridge leads from the residential side of the river to Bowmont on the other.

Bowmont October 6 2012 (10)

To the west are the mountains, though you can’t see them in this photo.

Bowmont October 6 2012 (11)

To the east of the pedestrian bridge is the train bridge.

Bowmont October 6 2012 (3)

In the spring when the snow is melting from the mountains this is mostly water. Now that it’s cold again, the water has gone back down. It’s amazing how much it changes in just a matter of months.

Bowmont October 6 2012 (5)

A dry riverbed. I’d get washed away if I tried to stand in the same spot in June.


Bowmont October 6 2012 (7)

While we were by the train bridge a train came by, so I had to get a photo of it. It was a lot louder than I thought it would be.

While it wasn’t a long walk, it was still nice to get out and enjoy a nice day.

Did you do anything active this weekend?

Bowmont in the Fall