Pinterest Pumpkin Cookies

Every year for Thanksgiving I make these amazing pumpkin cookies. They’ve become a Thanksgiving staple in our house, just like turkey or cranberry sauce. I found the recipe in Martha Stewart’s Cookies. They’re amazing – they’re basically pumpkin pie in a cookie.

There’s lots of pumpkin puree in this recipe – which is why I think it tastes so good. There’s also quite a bit of brown sugar, but it surprisingly doesn’t make the cookies too sweet.

Pumpkin Cookies (4)

The icing came together really quick. With the butter, evaporated milk, and vanilla that’s in it, this icing is pretty rich.

Pumpkin Cookies (1)

There was lots of icing, so each cookie get a pretty good amount. I had a little icing left over, but a few cookies got eaten for the sake of “quality assurance” before they I got around to icing them.

Even though I got the recipe from a cookbook, it’s also available online in the Martha Stewart site. Click here to check it out.

We’re having our Thanksgiving dinner tonight, and I can’t wait. I hope everyone else who’s celebrating enjoys lots of good food and time with family.

Pumpkin Spice Cookies